Internships – Utah State Hospital

Interns are matched with a licensed and NCTRC certified Supervisor. They will receive orientation and training throughout their internship. A stipend of $840.00 will be paid at the conclusion of a successful internship. Interns will be mentored by their supervisor and other RT professionals adhering to the NCTRC guidelines and job analysis. Interns are included … More Internships – Utah State Hospital

Internships – Kostopulos Dream Foundation

Kostopulos Dream Foundation, also known as Camp Kostopulos, offers year round internships! Here are the following Intern Responsibilities: 1. Act as an integral member of the summer camp program team. Assist with paperwork such as camper histories. 2. Provide supervision, instruction, and ongoing assistance to program staff, campers, and volunteers during programs. Facilitate and lead … More Internships – Kostopulos Dream Foundation

Internships – City of Lakewood

Please be aware this internship is located in Lakewood, Colorado and not Utah. The City of Lakewood’s Therapeutic Recreation Department offers an internship experience focused on community-based Therapeutic Recreation services. The intern will assist in providing goal-oriented leisure programs for individuals with disabilities ranging in age from 6 through adult, including but not limited to … More Internships – City of Lakewood

Internships – Salt Lake County Youth Services

Ready to dive into a resilience theory based recreation therapy program? Interested in serving youth ages 0-18 who have experienced abuse and/or neglect or who are working with other risk factors in their lives in both emergency shelter and outpatient settings? Excited to contribute to a vibrant program that’s always growing? This is the place … More Internships – Salt Lake County Youth Services

Internships – Daniels Academy

Daniels Academy is committed to providing students with practical learning experiences under the direction of nationally certified and state-licensed therapeutic recreation practitioners. We work with male adolescents on the Autism Spectrum and assist them in developing their social and emotional regulation skills through adventure therapy. Some of our interventions are Mountain Biking, Rock Climbing, Archery, … More Internships – Daniels Academy

Internships – Utah State Hospital

Internships are highly productive learning experiences for preparing students to enter the job market. Intern positions are available at the State Hospital working on several Units with a variety of patients and age ranges. You will be part of the RT department associating with 20 Recreation Therapists. While working with assigned RT’s you will have … More Internships – Utah State Hospital

Internships – Behavioral Health Center (Idaho Falls, ID)

Recreation Therapy Internship at the Behavioral Health Center. 14 weeks/560 hours. Full-time, unpaid experience. Work with adults and adolescents in acute and residential mental health. Apply skills learned in university coursework. Develop competence in all job tasks of a Recreation Therapist. Experience the therapeutic recreation process. Become a practicing member of the interdisciplinary treatment team.

Internships – McKay-Dee Behavioral Health Services

The purpose of the therapeutic recreation internship is to provide the student majoring in therapeutic recreation with a practical learning experience in the development and implementation of therapeutic recreation services within McKay-Dee Behavioral Health Services at McKay-Dee Hospital, in Ogden, Utah. The therapeutic recreation internship will help prepare the student (with the required amount of … More Internships – McKay-Dee Behavioral Health Services

Internships – Brighton Recovery Center

Brighton Recovery Center is a dual diagnosis treatment center for adults struggling with addiction and co-occurring mental health diagnoses. The Recreation Therapy program focuses on evidence based delivery of Therapeutic Recreation through theory based intervention. As a member of the Recreation Therapy team the intern will get a deep understanding of the therapeutic value of … More Internships – Brighton Recovery Center

Internships – Wyoming State Hospital

Under the supervision and guidance of a seasoned CTRS, students will have the opportunity to engage in all aspects of Recreation Therapy at Wyoming’s only state psychiatric facility. Students become part of the multidisciplinary treatment team, develop programming, complete assessments, gain experience with an electronic patient medical record, facilitate groups and gain valuable experience in … More Internships – Wyoming State Hospital

Internships – Crescent Senior Living

Crescent Senior Living is an Assisted Living Community operated by Mission Health Services. Mission’s core philosophy is providing an environment of safety and security while the resident retains full autonomy. All of our Mission homes have joined the Eden Alternative Registry and are committed to battling the plagues of loneliness, helplessness, and boredom. An internship … More Internships – Crescent Senior Living

Internships – Youth Care

Our residential treatment programs include an extensive recreation therapy program designed to help students have successful experiences through physical, cultural and social accomplishments. While at Youth Care in Utah, students learn to use their community as a resource. Students build self-esteem as they try new activities in our programs such as snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, or … More Internships – Youth Care