Part Time Activity Support – Kostopulos Dream Foundation

The Activity Support is responsible for instructing, supervising, and providing physical assistance to all participants in our programs. A primary function of this and every other job at the Kostopulos Dream Foundation is to ensure that each member, guest and visitor receives the highest caliber of service. In addition, the Activity Support is tasked with creating a nurturing, positive and professional environment while promoting program policies and procedures amongst staff, volunteers and community.


Act as an integral member of the Program team (i.e. Participate in monthly department meetings). Assist Program Coordinators in organizing and implementing assigned programs. Provide supervision, instructions, as well as verbal and physical assistance to participants. Responsible for assessing and making recommendations to Program Coordinators as to program equipment and supply needs. Complete and submit all required paperwork by set deadlines including; Incident reports, time sheets, and other required paperwork to Program Coordinators. Follow protocol regarding handling of behaviors and special needs; give Program Coordinators input & feedback on effectiveness of behavior protocols. Communicate all pertinent issues affecting the programs to Program Coordinators (i.e. staff/client/parent/transportation issues & concerns, etc.) and address them as needed. Establish good rapport with families of the program participants as well as keep them informed about concerns affecting the participants. Responsible to know and stay updated on each Participant History. Provide care, cleanliness, and security of the facility used by the participants during the program. Insures safety of all aspects of the program and participants. Responsible for implementing Camp K’s policies and procedures regarding facilities and can include but not limited to; ensuring proper paperwork is filled out prior to departing, reporting damages to Program Coordinators, using backer when exiting a parking spot, etc. Participate in all required trainings and certifications in compliance with the organization’s standards. Responsible for leading any activity as needed.

Company / Organization Name: Kostopulos Dream Foundation
Type: Part Time
Position Title: Activity Support
Minimum Requirements Qualifications:

  • Knowledgeable of cognitive & physical disabilities, including autism spectrum disorders, down syndrome, developmental delays, spina bifida, etc preferred.
  • Previous experience in working with individuals with cognitive and physical disabilities preferred.
  • Excellent interpersonal communication skills.
  • Demonstrated history of responsibility, dependability, and maturity.
  • Current First Aid/CPR certification.
  • Ability to be flexible, creative and adaptable to situations
  • Ability to work evening/night, weekend, and overnight as needed.
  • Ability to consistently lift, carry and load adaptive and other sports equipment that may weigh 50 or more pounds, and sustain physical activity for 20 consecutive minutes.
  • Commitment to a positive, fun and team-oriented working environment.
  • Must be at least 21 years of age and have a clean criminal background.
Application Deadline 2/5/2019
Contact Name: Kye James
Application Instructions email
Location: 4180 Emigration Canyon, Salt Lake City, UT 84108

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