2020 Nominations for Recognition

URTA Members,

Know someone who is awesome and is passionate about recreation therapy? Nominate them for recognition and an award at the annual Utah Recreation Therapy Conference! Each year URTA Members and Friends are recognized for their hard work and dedication to the profession in the following categories: Outstanding Member, Distinguished Service, Outstanding Program, Community Service. Nominations are also submitted for candidates to serve on the Board of Directors, which oversees the Executive Committee.

Only current members of URTA can submit nominations. Please provide compelling reasons for each person you nominate. Also include valid contact information.

Submit all nominations by 1/31/2020.

Outstanding Member: This award is for a member who has made a significant contribution during the past year by promoting the profession, practice, and philosophy of Recreation Therapy.

Distinguished Service: This award is for an individual who has helped the profession of Recreation Therapy grow through a lifetime of commitment and service.

Outstanding Program: This award is for an individual, group, or institution which has developed a TR program to improve the quality of life of the clients served. Criteria may include longevity, communication of ideas to others, professionalism and the education and enhancement of those involved.

Community Service: This award recognizes an individual who has helped and promoted Recreation Therapy although he or she is not a Recreation Therapist. This may have been done through volunteerism, legislative or policy support, offering programs, or other significant contribution.

Submit your nominations at utahrectherapy.org/conference or click this direct link to the form.

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