Part Time MTRS – Ensign Services

Ensign Services is looking for a qualified MTRS to assist with consultation services:

Duties include but are not limited to:

Supervision of therapeutic recreation technicians and recreation therapy programs.

Responsible for:

(1) providing general supervision

(2) ensuring that recreation therapy services are provided according to the Recreational Therapy Practice Act, standards of the profession, administrative and governing regulations

(3) providing training, clinical guidance and evaluation

(4) demonstrating, as evidenced by the signature of the TRS or MTRS in the patient chart, review and evaluation of ongoing documentation.

Also responsible for assessing a person’s need for recreational therapy treatment or intervention; (ii) developing an individualized treatment or intervention plan that identifies goals, objectives, and treatment strategies for a person and regularly evaluating a person’s response to the individualized treatment or intervention plan and modifying the plan when appropriate.

Responsible for the oversight of all Recreational therapy programs which is defined as “a person-centered process that uses recreation and psychoeducational activities as intervention tools to improve the physical, cognitive, social, behavioral, emotional, or spiritual well-being of a person with an illness or a disability.”

Assist as needed with Survey’s and Mock Survey’s

Some travel to St. George and Price is necessary

Please contact Kami Archibald at or 801-891-6607

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