Internships – Behavioral Health Center (Idaho Falls, ID)

Recreation Therapy Internship at the Behavioral Health Center. 14 weeks/560 hours. Full-time, unpaid experience. Work with adults and adolescents in acute and residential mental health. Apply skills learned in university coursework. Develop competence in all job tasks of a Recreation Therapist. Experience the therapeutic recreation process. Become a practicing member of the interdisciplinary treatment team.

Company / Organization Name: Behavioral Health Center
Type: Full Time
Position Title: Recreation Therapy Intern
Minimum Requirements • An Affiliation Agreement between your University and our Facility must be in place before applying for the internship. If you’re unsure if there is such an agreement in place, first contact your internship supervisor. If there are further concerns, please call us.

• Meet the academic path requirements outlined in NCTRC prior to starting the internship. See, Information for New Applicants.

Application Deadline Ongoing
Contact Name: Kristen Sargis
Application Instructions Go to to get the application. Please be sure to submit all parts of the application. You will not be considered for an internship until we receive every part of the application. You may send separate sections as you complete them or send the entire application all at once, it’s up to you. Please use a .pdf format when emailing. Ensure all documents are legible look professional. You may need to follow up with individuals who are writing letters of recommendation for you – waiting for these letters has held up applications in the past.

1. Cover letter, including:
a. Preferred start date – which internship are you applying for?
b. Which university are you attending?
c. What is your field of study?
d. What is your anticipated graduation date?
e. Who is your internship supervisor? Include their contact information.
f. How did you hear about the internship?
g. Why are you interested in an internship in the field of mental health?
h. Anything else you think we need to know about you

2. Current resume:
a. Contact info, including current mailing address
b. Work or volunteer experience – describe duties, population served
c. Field work (internship) experiences – describe duties, population served

3. Essay Questions (see online). Please respond to all 12 items.

4. Two letters of recommendation (both professional). Please have the professional send signed letters to the BHC or email letters directly to the BHC.

5. Official transcripts to verify the completed coursework.

6. Provide a class schedule or some other indication of classes you are currently enrolled in that include required coursework.

7. A copy of your university’s Internship Course Description including the following:
a. evaluation forms required by school program
b. list of special assignments or project requirements as outlined by your school

8. Any additional forms required by the university in order to approve the internship site.

Location: Idaho Falls, Idaho

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