Internships – Brighton Recovery Center

Brighton Recovery Center is a dual diagnosis treatment center for adults struggling with addiction and co-occurring mental health diagnoses. The Recreation Therapy program focuses on evidence based delivery of Therapeutic Recreation through theory based intervention. As a member of the Recreation Therapy team the intern will get a deep understanding of the therapeutic value of engaged experience. This internship is fully immersive and the intern is involved in every step of the process. From coordinating with the rest of the Clinical Team to connecting with sober fellowships and community resources. The intern experience will help you grow professionally and personally throughout.

Company / Organization Name: Brighton Recovery Center
Type: Internship
Position Title: Recreation Therapy Intern
Minimum Requirements This internship is a challenging experience but a transformative one so a willingness to grow and apply concepts to ones life is important. …also must be able to work Saturdays…
Application Deadline 2 months prior to the internship start date
Contact Name: William Lindsay
Application Instructions Contact Will Lindsay to schedule a face to face interview. A resume and cover letter are also required: the cover letter should focus on the applicants passion for Therapeutic Recreation and what they see is the future of the industry including their role in that future.
Location: Willowcreek Location: Cottonwood Heights, Utah

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