Reminder to Share Your Passion!

Hey URTA Members and Friends!

You may have received an email earlier this week from our current URTA President, Kami. We are getting ready to kick off another year with a fresh executive committee and would like your thoughts! Linked is the survey that was mentioned at the Annual Utah Recreation Therapy Conference last March.

We are gathering information to understand the specific needs of you as an individual recreation therapist, your RT program, and your relationships with your agency. This information will be used to tailor and refine the opportunities URTA provides to you, our members!

Please take time to fully answer the questions. If you have specific questions and would like more resources for assistance, please add your name and email to the last additional comments section.

Thank you for “Sharing Your Passion” and giving to the Recreation Therapy profession. We are doing wonderful work that impacts many in ways we will never fully know. What a humbling and powerful work to be a part of.

If the link didn’t work above, copy and paste the following into your browser:


Kami Houck and

Your Hard Working Executive Committee

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