Full Time Program Coordinator – Neighborhood House

Position description: Program Coordinator, Adult Day Services
Reports to: Director, Adult Day Services
Salary: DOE
Term: Full-time
Benefits: Health, Vision, Dental, 401(k), Discount Child/Adult Care, Lunch
provided daily
Closes: Until filled

The mission of Neighborhood House is to enrich, empower and educate children and
adults through quality, affordable day care and support services. Based on a social
model of day care, our weekday Adult Day Services (ADS) program serves aging and
disabled adults by providing recreational therapy in four domains: social, cognitive,
physical, and emotional. The Program Coordinator is responsible to implement and adapt programming to meet a range of ability levels. The successful candidate will
maintain current Utah Recreational Therapy license (CTRS) and manage all recreational
therapy for the adult day services program. Duties include culturally competent
oversight of program quality assurance, including: client assessments, caregiver
interviews, development of person-centered therapy objectives, tracking and updating
progress reporting, and supporting the ADS Director in communication between clients,
caregivers, and ADS. Other duties are described below:

Primary Responsibilities:
• Develop and implement an adaptive (high and low functioning) daily recreational
therapy program for adult day services.
• Oversee person-centered care planning and progress tracking for approximately
60 (aging and disabled) adults, supportive of the well-being of program
participants and family / caregivers.
• Develop measurable therapy objectives for each client, and update as needed,
based on conferencing outcomes and/or feedback from staff/ care plan team.
• Create and oversee progress charting on person-centered therapy goals for each
client. (Charting is conducted by Program Aides or CNA’s.)
• Provide daily written schedule, with detailed instructions, for aides to carry out
calendar activities.
• Complete and distribute monthly activity calendar and newsletter by the 25th of
every month.
• Be a resource for program aides and provide support as needed.
• Address staff concerns in conjunction with the ADS Director.
• Assist in staff training at monthly staff meetings (after-hours).
• Manage inventory and purchases for program supplies, equipment and activities.
• Plan, organize, and implement caregiver conferences, at least once per year.
• Meet with health provider agencies as required for individual clients.
• Maintain current contact information and updated files, in compliance with state
licensing requirements, for all program participants.
• Write and distribute a monthly newsletter to clients/ families.
• Participate in weekly mid-level management meetings.
• Coordinate with Development in organizing and sharing outcomes of special
events with external partners.
• Collaborate with Children’s Center mid-level managers on intergenerational
program development, and tracking of the same.
• Develop quarterly goals for the program with the ADS Director.
Required Qualifications and Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities
• Applicant for Program Coordinator must be a Recreational Therapist, properly
licensed or certified, who has demonstrated competence and interest in working
with older and functionally impaired adults.
• A current, valid State of Utah Driver’s License.
• Demonstrated ability to physically assist clients with ambulating, toileting,
dressing, lifting 50 lbs. or more, feeding, and other needs as assigned.
• Communicate effectively in English, with proficiency in Spanish desired.
• Pass a BCI (Background Screening) & Drug Free.
• Solutions oriented, and able to problem solve and/or develop answers with
minimal direction, capitalizing on opportunities to learn and add value.
• Highly computer literate with a proficiency of Microsoft Office, Excel, and client
tracking software database(s).

How to Apply: Interested candidates apply online at nhutah.org/about-us/employment

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