Service Projects for Your Groups

In need of a service project for your therapy groups? URTA, in collaboration with the Launfal Foundation, has supplies available for projects that can be done at your facilities and project ideas to complete and bring to this years annual conference! Listed below are projects with the supplies that are available upon request. These links are also available in the URTA Members Drive and under Main Menu > Resources at




Already assembled minus the thread. Contact Eljay Johnson or Deirdra Clark at executivecommittee(at)utahrectherapy(dot)org for more information.




The purpose of this project is to assemble books for children to learn to read. We have a digital version available! Print them out and color them with color pencils only.

Book Template




The purpose of this project is to create sleeping mats for people who are homeless. We need help collecting plastic grocery bags! Put a box out at your facility and reach out to your neighbors. Another project is cutting the bags to prepare making them into mats. See below for an instructional document and video on how to cut the bags!

Plarn Instructions

Plarn Video

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