2019 Mindfulness Throughout the Lifespan: Evidence Based Intervention Designs and Implementation

Join us on Saturday, February 23rd, 2019 from 9am-1pm for: Mindfulness Throughout the Lifespan: Evidence Based Intervention Designs and Implementation!

Presentation Synopsis:
Mindfulness techniques have been used and practiced in eastern religion and culture for thousands of years. It is now more recently being used in western medicine as effective treatment for many population groups. Participation in mindfulness activities as a therapeutic intervention has shown increases in a variety of functional life areas and the research is growing. This workshop will give attendees an idea of how to utilize and adapt mindfulness interventions as an effective therapeutic modality that would apply to the various ages of their populations and how to design mindfulness experiences to achieve functional outcomes.

Learning Outcomes:
Through participating in this presentation attendees will gain an understanding of how mindfulness can be applied to a variety of populations as a functional intervention. This will include research that supports using mindfulness as a modality across the varying ages of our population groups.

Attendees will also understand how to adapt experiences to introduce the therapeutic value of mindfulness to intervention participants. The session will include an experiential component where attendees will learn the details of facilitating mindful based intervention specific for their population.

The session will conclude with a processing portion that will allow attendees to experience methods of connecting the physical experience of participating in the mindfulness-based interventions to the therapeutic concepts introduced in the early stages. Discussion of how to adapt these interventions according to the various ages of populations will also take place.

This workshop will be facilitated by Scott Buys, TRS, CTRS from Steps Recovery and Sharlene Evans, TRS, CTRS.

Cost is $10 and includes a light breakfast plus 2 contact hours/0.2 CEUs. Please bring your own yoga mat and lunch.

We will be meeting at the south entrance to Snow Canyon State Park and shuttling people into the park.

After completing this Google Form, please follow the link on the confirmation page to complete payment via Square.


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