Director of Recreation Programs – Higher Ground Sun Valley

Position Title: Recreation Program Coordinator
FLSA Status: Non -Exempt
Reports To: Director of Recreation Programs
Compensation: Base (Hourly) 30 hours a week

The mission of Higher Ground Sun Valley (HG) is to enhance quality of life through inclusive therapeutic recreation, adaptive sports, education and advocacy for people of all abilities. Reporting to the HG Director of Recreation Programs, the Recreation Program Coordinator is responsible for the program coordination and support for all adaptive programming for the recreation department. Primary responsibility in the summer months is to plan, coordinate and execute all aspects of the Boulder Camp program and supervise the Boulder Camp Counselors. Primary responsibility in the winter months is to plan and coordinate the HG Ski/SB Team and instruct winter adaptive snowsports lessons. The rest of the year is to provide support to the Recreation Program Managers for all recreation programming and events.

Position Responsibilities and Duties


  • Summer season – camp supervisor
  • Winter season – HG Ski/SB Team Coordinator for Teams on Dollar Mountain and Baldy
  • Program support for all year-round Recreation Department programs
  • Responsible for all participants in specific summer program and Ski Team (updating profiles, progress notes on the participants for each program and end of program summary to the parents/therapists/teachers)


  • Coordinate with recreation managers on what areas of programming they need most assistance and create a task list of areas to support. These programs include:
  • After School Programs
  • Special Olympics programs
  • ORH and Road Bike programs
  • ORH Annual Event
  • Adaptive Snowsports lessons
  • Paralympic Youth Camp
  • Backcountry camp
  • Sessions/OOTG/ISDB/Local special education classes

Key Interfaces:

  • Director of Recreation Programs
  • All recreation staff; in particular, Director of Recreation Programs, Recreation Program
    Manager, Youth Program Manager, summer counselors
  • Outside recreation staff; Volunteer Coordinator, Director of Adaptive Sports, adaptive
    snowsports instructors and volunteers
  • Local business partners and community partners
  • Participants and parents
  • Teachers; Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapists

Position Scope:

  • Number of Employees Supervised: 6
  • Number of Volunteers Directly Supervised: 2
  • Geographic Information: Primary responsibility in Sun Valley, Idaho, but moderate travel may
    be required internal and external to the State of Idaho
  • Commercial Driver’s License (CDL)


  • Higher Ground Recreation Program Coordinator role may require:
    • Travel
      • Adaptive Sports related conferences
      • PSIA Education Events
      • Program events in the regional area
    • Regular participation in recreation programs and with program participants
    • Occasional lifting equipment and gear up to 50-75 pounds
    • Being flexible and adaptable in successfully managing the organization’s growth
    • Attending occasional overnight program events

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