Full Time Recreation Therapist – Seven Stars Academy

Seven Stars seeks an independent, mature, motivated, compassionate therapist who wants to make a difference. Our Therapists are a crucial part of the treatment team and have tremendous impact on the lives of our students and their families. The work can be intense, but it is always rewarding. Seven Stars is a dynamic treatment focused program. The quality of care for our students and families is always priority number one.

Our team provides residential and experiential therapy services for teenagers with neurodevelopmental issues like Autism (ASD) and ADHD. If you are interested in meaningful work, helping teens in a dynamic, positive, challenging and innovative program, then look no further!

Founded on proven methods from cognitive theory, neuroplasticity, behavioral re-patterning, positive psychology, self-determination, self-efficacy and a focus on strengths, Seven Stars is a premier therapeutic program for teenage boys and girls with neurodevelopmental disorders.

Seven Stars’ students come from all over the U.S.; usually because they are struggling with the challenges of adolescence. Many struggle socially, behaviorally, emotionally and academically because they have fallen behind their peers in life skills.

We believe our students want success. What they need to achieve that success is to be taught the skills most of their peers learn naturally. Everything we do is designed with therapeutic intent to build self-efficacy and specific coping skills. Our students graduate with a new sense of confidence, with improved life skills and with improved ability to communicate and advocate for themselves.

Seven Stars’ treatment model takes a revolutionary shift from normal therapy methods. By combining multidisciplinary residential treatment and outdoor adventure therapy, our therapeutic program understands, assesses and builds the confidence and skills of students struggling with neurodevelopmental disorders. Our Treatment team includes expert therapists, psychologists, a psychiatrist, behavioral specialists, OT, SLP, Audiology, experiential therapy specialists and milieu staff.

We put it all together into one comprehensive program driven by experienced experts on how best to assess and help our special students. Seven Stars’ success can be attributed to the caliber of our team.


Plans and facilitates RT psycho-educational and challenge course groups weekly to assigned unit(s), including completion of group notes. Promotes the physical appearance of the unit through decorations, RT monthly calendar and displays of patient activities. Assists in the inventory and ordering of appropriate recreation therapy supplies. Works in team with administrative or other professional personnel such as those engaged in medicine, social work, nursing, psychology and therapy to ensure that recreation is well balanced, coordinated, and integrated with special services. Attends and participates in treatment team meetings and selected therapeutic groups when the program schedule permits. Establishes liaison and good relationships with all community agencies providing recreation therapy. Maintains cleanliness and organization of supplies and areas when conducting recreation activities. Attends continuing education classes, seminars, workshops and in-services pertinent to professional growth. Provides appropriate crisis intervention as necessary by anticipating and responding quickly to escalating behaviors, utilizing de-escalation techniques to diffuse the situation, correctly prioritizing safety concerns, following proper restraint technique guidelines and displaying neutral emotions. Uses appropriate counseling skills by de-escalating aggression, using active listening skills, using appropriate tone and volume of voice, providing a high frequency and variety of positive reinforcements maintaining appropriate boundaries and promoting a positive peer culture.

Consistently meets facility and regulatory training guidelines by attending all mandatory meetings and staff training sessions as required. Plans and facilitates community integration outings, adventure outings and service outings to assigned unit(s), including all required paperwork. Supervises animal assisted therapy visits on assigned unit and maintains open and active communication with animal therapy team. Assures cleanliness and orderliness of the assigned work area/unit and proactively assists in all security maintenance and safety functions as required for the overall facility. Demonstrates knowledge of resident diagnosis by planning interventions that compliment their current level of functioning and area of needs while promoting age and developmental growth. Organize plan and supervise special events on holidays or during school breaks. Checks equipment and space to look for hazards. Awareness of patients needs and profiles to plan safe activities. Fulfills special requests made of R.T. by others such as acquire equipment or art supplies for them. Orders food from Dietary in a timely manner. Documents RT groups notes, monthly treatment updates, and discharge notes on all assigned patients in a timely manner with content related to the Master Treatment Plan. Ability to assess residents treatment needs, assign congruent goals and objectives and develop an individualized recreation therapy treatment plan.

Principle Duties

  • Performs recreational therapy assessments
  • Prepares and recommends therapeutic recreation activities
  • Plans and carries out outdoor education/ recreational therapy activities for adolescents with neuro-developmental disorders including physical education and a variety of diversionary activities with an emphasis on outdoor education.
  • Ability to initiate and modify these activities according to client participation and/or disability.
  • Must be able to meet physical demands standards.
  • Must be able to utilize de-escalation techniques and physically subdue students using physical management techniques. (Safety Care and PCS).

Must be 21 years or older.

Shifts will be Friday to Monday, will include evenings and weekends.

  • Preference given to a licensed Therapeutic Recreation Specialist (TRS)


  • Must be actively working towards or maintaining national certification with the National Council of Therapeutic Recreation (Obtain or maintain CTRS).
  • Will have experience in a residential / day treatment setting working with teenagers with neuro-developmental disorders.
  • Strongly prefer experience with teens on Autism Spectrum. Must have direct clinical and case management experience, group leadership experience, and a willingness to give and accept feedback in a team setting.
  • Strong clinical and interpersonal skills, ability to lead and direct work of others, and excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Will have some experience developing recreational programs in an institutional setting
  • Must possess a current certificate for Wilderness First Responder (WFR).
  • Must obtain CPR/First Aid Certification within 2 weeks of hire
  • Must have a current food handler permit

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $15 – $18 hour based on experience/education.

What’s next?  If you have carefully read all of the above information and are still interested in applying to Seven Stars, please follow these steps:

  1. Print and completely the application in the employment packet <>
  2. Send your completed application and resume to us by email at employment@discoversevenstars.comcdavis@discoversevenstars.com or mail it to us at 2650 S 2700 S, Syracuse, UT 84075, attn: Seven Stars Employment, or fax it to us at 801-217-0777.
  3. If you receive a call or email from us, indicating interest in interviewing you, please fill out the rest of the application packet and send the forms to use buy one of the above methods. Make sure you send the following forms:
  • disclosure and authority to release information
  • “Background Checks” information sheet
  • drug and alcohol testing acknowledgement
  • availability worksheet
  • Background Screening Application (must be filled out in blue ink)
  • FBI NGI privacy statement
  • declarations page
  1. When we receive the completed application materials, Seven Stars will initiate the background check process.
  2. Once the initial background check is passed, we will invite you to an individual or group interview. At the conclusion of that interview, applicants will be informed if they are eligible for the next step, which is to get fingerprints and drug testing complete.  This is required for the final stages of the background checks.
  3. After turning in the fingerprints and the drug screen, successful applicants will typically be offered a position in about one week.
  4. After receiving an offer of employment, the employee will be scheduled to attend the initial training week. This is typically held the first full week of each month.  The training runs from 9 AM until 5 PM Monday through Friday.  This week long training involves filling out initial Human Resources paperwork and training on facility and student safety, crisis management, documentation, etc.  You will be paid for this training.
  5. After the first week of training, employees spend a week in a “shadow” experience. During this time, the new staff is assigned to “shadow” an experienced staff in order to receive more practical training.

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