Internships – Daniels Academy

Daniels Academy has a year-round outdoor adventure-based recreation therapy program including weekly rec groups, monthly full-day mastery trips, and camping trips. Interns will work in every aspect of the therapeutic recreation process, including: -Intake assessments and program-specific assessments -Planning weekly RT groups, full day RT outings, and camping trips; attending weekly treatment team and RT planning meetings -Facilitating outdoor adventure interventions, mastery days, and camping trips. -Evaluating effectiveness of every aspect of the RT program -Comprehensive documentation of student progress towards goals and functional improvement.

At Daniels Academy, we work with young men age 13 to 17 with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Nonverbal Learning Disorder, Asperger’s Syndrome, and other Learning Differences. In addition to our fully accredited private school, Daniels Academy offers individual and group therapy facilitated by masters level clinical therapists, recreation therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy. Daniels Academy is located in the mountain scenic Wasatch Mountains in Heber City, UT. Heber City is nestled just South of Park City, Utah and is about a 20- to 30-minute drive from both Salt Lake City and Provo/Orem Utah. Daniels Academy was not satisfied with the status-quo of running an RT program that mainly facilitates group initiative tasks. We want to engage our students in adventure-based programming all while teaching them therapeutic skills. Our students spend anywhere from two-to-four months mastering skills in a specific recreation activity of their choice; things like rock climbing, fishing, mountain biking, geocaching, skiing, or snowboarding. Adventure-based recreation therapy programming is especially suitable to the unique challenges our students face. Studies have shown that adolescents on the autism spectrum avoid team-based sports due to social struggles and issues with coordination. Adventure activities create an environment where young men on the spectrum can learn social skills through participation in programming where they interact with others, but are ultimately in control of their own success. Students increase their self-determination by having the autonomy to choose what program they participate in, by gaining competency in that activity, and by relating to peers and our RT team through shared experiences. While engaged in adventure programming, our recreation therapy team teaches students to decrease mental rigidity, increase perseverance, and learn that they are capable of doing hard things. Near the end of each recreation block, students take part in a “mastery experience” where they spend anywhere from an entire day to several days using the skills they have learned in a culminating experience. These trips usually take the form of multi-day camping trips to some of the most beautiful places Utah has to offer. The most significant part of the recreation therapy program at Daniels Academy is helping our students generalize the skills they learn through their recreation participation into other areas of their life so they can experience overall functional improvement. If a student is learning to overcome anxiety while rock climbing or skiing, the same skills they are using in that activity will be applicable to reducing anxiety in their daily lives.

Company / Organization Name: Daniels Academy
Type: Full Time
Position Title: Intern
Minimum Requirements Ability to intern from September 3rd to December 22nd, 2018 Pass a drug screen and background check Be senior in an accredited recreation therapy program Complete necessary paperwork
Application Deadline June 20th, 2018
Contact Name: Morgan Larsen, TRS, CTRS
Application Instructions Email a resume and cover letter to morganl(at)danielsacademy(dot)net . Additional application instructions will be sent once a resume is received.
Location: Heber City

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