Internships – Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center (Behavioral Health Center)

Goal of Internship: Students will be able to apply skills learned in their university coursework as well as gain exposure to and demonstrate competence in all of the job tasks of a Therapeutic Recreation Specialist as outlined in the NCTRC Job Analysis. Interns will gain knowledge through experience with the therapeutic recreation process. Under supervision of our CTRSs, students will become a practicing member of our interdisciplinary treatment team.

Our recreation therapy department facilitates both community groups and patient activities on our challenge course. Students may be trained to use the course when the course is in operation. The BHC has recently opened an Outpatient Services Clinic. Students may have opportunities to work with patients and families in an outpatient setting during their internship. Required Hours: Minimum of 560 hours (14 consecutive weeks, depending on hours completed weekly). Internship will likely exceed the 560 hour NCTRC requirement. Regular full-time hours, not to exceed 45 hours and not to be less than 32 hours weekly. Rotating weekends. Some evenings as needed for outings, etc.

Students completing an internship at the BHC will gain experience in acute and residential psychiatric settings. 17-bed acute adolescent unit, ages 12-17. 16-bed acute adult special care unit, ages 18 and older. 12-bed acute adult unit, ages 18 and older. 29-bed residential adolescent unit, ages 12-17.

Company / Organization Name: Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center (Behavioral Health Center)
Type: Internship
Position Title: Recreation Therapy Intern
Minimum Requirements Meet the academic path requirements outlined in NCTRC prior to starting the internship. See, Information for New Applicants. Completion of coursework prior to the internship is preferred for two reasons. 1. The internship is essentially a full-time job, and you will have limited time to complete coursework in addition to internship assignments. 2. The coursework is designed to prepare you for your internship. The principles and theories you learn in your TR coursework will be put into practice during your internship.
Application Deadline Ongoing
Contact Name: Kristen Sargis
Application Instructions Find application and instructions online at . Contact Kristen Sargis for application questions at kristen.sargis(at)hcahealthcare(dot)com We do accept late applications, but we do not guarantee there will be internship openings.

To begin an internship in September: Applications are due in February. Interviews begin in March. Interns selected by the end of March

To begin an internship in January: Applications are due in June. Interviews begin in July. Interns selected by the end of July.

To begin an internship in May: Applications are due in October. Interviews begin in November. Interns selected by the end of November.

Note: The schedule is subject to change at the discretion of our internship site supervisors based on internship demand and the needs of the Recreation Therapy Department.

Location: Idaho Falls, Idaho

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