Full Time Program Coordinator – Camp Kostopulos

The Program Coordinator is responsible for the development, implementation, evaluation, and improvement of programs. Assumes responsibility for scheduling/staffing of programs, training of interns and volunteers, rental groups, and coordination of facilities for use in conjunction with programs. Responsible for defining/communicating/disseminating materials for programs. Responsible for organization, facilitation, document production and records, and scheduling. Responsible for recruitment, coordination and volunteer management. Assumes the responsibilities and tasks of other Program Coordinators in their absence. A primary function of this and every other job at the Kostopulos Dream Foundation is to ensure that each member, guest and visitor receives the highest caliber of service. In addition, the Program Coordinator is tasked with creating a nurturing, positive and professional environment while promoting program policies and procedures among staff, volunteers and community.

Additional Information Status: Full Time Hours: 40 Hours per week – weekend, evening, night and holiday work required, EOE Benefits: Medical, vision, and dental, accrued vacation time, paid holidays, sick leave, pension

Responsibilities 1. Act as an integral member of the Program team. 2. Collaborate with Program and Leadership teams to ensure compliance and licensing for the camp and its staff. Establish and maintain policies and procedures to be compliant with Federal and State regulations, American Camping Association (ACA) accreditation, DSPD, and NCTRC regulations. 3. Collaborate and assist with the Program and Leadership teams regarding communication strategies to support program goals and increase community outreach. 4. Collaborate with the Program Manager and the COO to ensure facilities, equipment, and transportation is/are in working order. 5. Maintain up-to-date safety procedures and collaborate with the Program team to plan and implement all required safety training and emergency response drills and protocols. 6. Report to the Program Manager on development of programs and individual objectives and the progress of accomplishing those objectives. 7. Work closely with the Program and Leadership teams on general financial matters. Ensure the maintenance of accurate program and administrative records. 8. Responsible for developing, implementing, evaluating, and improving Mini Camp and Summer Day and Trip Camp Programs. 9. Responsible for the preparation, implementation, and overseeing of the Travel Trip program. 10. Lead and facilitate ropes course groups and team building activities. 11. Recruit, coordinate and oversee volunteers assigned to the Summer Day and Trip Camp and Mini Camp Programs. Ensure that each volunteer has an application on file, send out monthly list of activities, and provide the leadership team with relevant statistics by the end of each month. 12. Responsible for implementing schedules Mini Camp and Summer Day and Trip Camp Programs. (e.g. facilities, special events, interns, staff, meetings, etc.) and oversee the preparation of cabins and camper groups during summer camp. 13. Responsible for organizing/facilitating comprehensive trainings and meetings for all Mini Camp and Summer Day and Trip Camp staff and interns and prepare program areas for summer. 14. Responsible for recruitment process for program staff and interns, including advertising at career fairs, interviewing selection, and completing hiring paperwork requirements. 15. Provide supervision/guidance to Mini Camp and Summer Day and Trip Camp staff and interns; articulate expectations, display model behavior, maintain open communication, and define respective roles and relationships 16. Responsible for supervision and evaluation of Mini Camp and Summer Day and Trip Camp program staff and assure program areas remain safe, organized and stocked through the summer. 17. Responsible for the maintenance of accurate program and administrative records (i.e.: time sheets, goals, objectives, PI sheets, activity plans, progress notes, roll sheets). 18. Responsible for preparing summary and evaluation of current season including inventories, participant reports, and recommendations for the following season. 19. Maintains participant and prospect database/records and updates contact information. 20. Collaborate with the Program and Leadership teams to develop and implement the appropriate marketing materials, provide pictures, video and narrative content for each activity. 21. Facilitate communication between participants, parents, and staff; address/resolve conflicts/concerns, relative to participants or programs. 22. Responsible for all customer service related matters. 23. Respond to any critical situations that may arise with participants, staff or environment. 24. Responsible for evaluation and re-assessing Summer Day and Travel Camp and Mini Camp programs to increase efficiency and customer service. 25. Assist with special projects and perform additional duties as assigned. 26. Participate in ongoing professional development and maintain current knowledge of best practices in Recreation Therapy, management, and in working with the organization’s target population. 27. Encouraged to bring new and creative ideas to better the programs and increase participation. 28. Create a nurturing, positive and professional environment while promoting program policies and procedures amongst staff, volunteers and community. 29. Communicate clearly, honestly and respectfully with staff, participants, parents and volunteers. 30. Assist with special projects and performed additional duties as assigned.

Company / Organization Name: Kostopulos Dream Foundation/Camp Kostopulos
Type: Full Time
Position Title: Program Coordinator
Minimum Requirements 1. Passion for Kostopulos Dream Foundation’s mission.

2. Imagination, vision, leadership and integrity.

3. Must have licensure and certification as a Therapeutic Recreation Specialist.

4. Minimum 2 years’ experience in a position in the TR field preferred.

5. The ability to plan, set goals and objectives, organize and follow through.

6. A team builder with a track record of effective staff management, including hiring, rewarding, and retaining talented staff members.

7. Ability to juggle many responsibilities at once and operate both independently and as a team member.

8. Knowledge of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Power-Point and Publisher) and ability to learn database software.

9. Must be 21 years of age and have a clean criminal background check.

10. Must have a valid driver’s license, a good driving record, experience driving a 15 passenger van is preferred.

11. Knowledgeable of Cognitive & Physical Disabilities, including autism spectrum disorders, Down syndrome, developmental delays, spina bifida, etc. required.

12. Previous experience working with individuals with cognitive and physical disabilities required.

13. Excellent interpersonal communication skills.

14. Demonstrated history of responsibility, dependability, and maturity.

15. Current First Aid/CPR certification.

16. Challenge ropes course experience required.

17. Organized camp experience preferred.

18. Ability to be flexible, creative and adaptable to situations.

19. Ability to lift, carry and load adaptive and other sports equipment that may weigh 50 or more pounds, and sustain physical activity for 20 consecutive minutes.

20. Commitment to a positive, fun and team-oriented working environment.

Application Deadline 5/15/2018
Contact Name: Kye James, M.S., TRS/CTRS
Application Instructions campk.org/employment Application can be found on this web page. Please email completed application with resume to kjames(at)campk(dot)org or kdf(at)campk(dot)org
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah

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