Full Time Adventure Specialist – Chrysalis Boarding School

Disclaimer: This job is located in Montana, and therefore, Utah recreational therapy licensure requirements do not apply.

This is a full time position.  Shifts include days, evenings, weekends and some overnights.  The Adventure Specialist role at Chrysalis is multifaceted, required unusual flexibility, and a specialized skill set in the area of outdoor recreation and education.

ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Adventure planning, preparation and programming for all students. Secure supervision of students during adventure outings. Thoughtful risk management in all adventure programming. Careful adherence to all state and federal laws that apply to adventure programming with adolescents at Chrysalis, including speed limits during transport of students. Vigilant awareness of industry standards in the area of adventure programming, followed by every reasonable effort to meet those standards. Thoughtful processing of every adventure outing with students to maximize what students learn within the experience (i.e., ensure that students attain optimal gains in terms of self esteem, confidence, self awareness, and insight). Outdoor education for all students, including “low impact” camping techniques, outdoor ethics, co-existence with minimal disturbance of indigenous animal species, concepts of outdoor service work, and instruction in a variety of enjoyable and healthy outdoor activities. Careful organization, inventory and maintenance of all adventure equipment, including:  rock climbing gear, rafting gear, biking gear, camping gear, boating gear, horse tack, gear racks, and any other adventure accessories. Appropriate collaboration and coordination with other professional teams at Chrysalis (i.e., clinical team, academic team, general program staff, and business office staff). Professional services for students delivered in the context of healthy boundaries (both physical and emotional) and positive relationships. Timely documentation in reports and BestNotes. Careful adherence to all Chrysalis policy and procedure. Support of the Chrysalis mission statement, and by extension, the general program structure, rules and limits. Personal life choices that are healthy, which enable a positive role model relationship for students. Other duties as assigned, including but not limited to:  general campus maintenance, building maintenance, vehicle maintenance, landscaping, cooking, supervision of chores, transportation of students, gardening, fencing, bicycle maintenance, garbage disposal, mowing, small building projects, procuring hay for horses, etc. (some of which might require the supervision of the Facilities Manager).

Chrysalis is a small therapeutic boarding school for adolescent girls aged 13 to 18 located in northwestern Montana.  Chrysalis uses a combination of therapy, individualized academics, family style living and adventure based activities to help girls who have struggled academically, socially and at home.  Each Chrysalis student participates in an international service trip to better appreciate diversity while positively affecting the lives of others, and ultimately, changing her own life forever.

Company / Organization Name: Chrysalis Boarding School
Type: Full Time
Position Title: Adventure Specialist
Minimum Requirements REQUIRED KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS, AND ABILITIES: Recreation-related skills, training and interests.  Ability to remain in control during crisis situations, and maintain a professional demeanor at all times.  Attention to detail.  Able to work cooperatively with others.  Effective communication skills.  Flexibility.

EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE: Education in Adventure or Outdoor Education or combination of education and related experience in youth services equal to a minimum of two years.

Application Deadline Immediately
Contact Name: Erik Backlund
Application Instructions APPLY: If you are interested in learning more, please submit resume at innerchange.com/careers You may also contact Erik Backlund, Sr. Recruiter at InnerChange – ebacklund(at)innerchange(dot)com Chrysalis is an equal employment opportunity employer
Location: Eureka, Montana

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