Full Time Recreation Therapist – Provo Canyon School

Responsible for the development and implementation of a comprehensive Recreation Therapy program designed to meet the physical, social, cultural and recreational needs of patients. Patients are assessed while involved in RT activities and concerns, developments, etc., are appropriately documented and entered into the patient’s chart. Prepares reports on patient progress and modifies program in accordance with needs and capacity. Assists in patient self-administration of medication while supervising off-grounds activities. Attends the following in a timely manner: treatment teams, therapy meetings, RT staff meetings, and other meetings as required. Follows school expectations, guidelines and structure in establishing and maintaining an appropriate therapist/patient relationship. Demonstrates appropriate attitudes and behaviors providing a role model for patients.

Company / Organization Name: Provo Canyon School
Type: Full Time
Position Title: Recreation Therapist
Minimum Requirements Bachelors’ degree in Recreational Therapy with a State of Utah license and National certification (e.g., TRS, CTRS).

Reading and writing level that can be clearly expressed and understood in regards to complex concepts, assessments, directions, and processes of sequence of events; acceptable oral and written communication skills; ability to maintain information as highly confidential; telephone etiquette and customer service skills done face-to-face are expected in dealing with the public, customers and other staff; familiarity with medical/psychological terminology, human behavior, and principles of psychology; skills in prioritizing and managing time, problem-solving, social skills (e.g. respect/empathy for staff and customers), clinical evaluations, decision-making, and working amongst distractions; must be able to consistently meet reasonable deadlines regardless of work load; willing to work flexible hours which includes traveling and overnight events; must maintain self-control in volatile or hostile situations; must be able to work independently with little supervision and multiple demands.

Other preferred certifications are: Wilderness First Responder (or other Advanced First Aid Certification), Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation for the Professional Rescuer (CPRFPR), Lifeguard certification, Water Captain’s License, knowledge of Rappelling, Rock Climbing, Ropes Course and belay systems, and valid Utah drivers license.

Application Deadline 12/31/2017
Contact Name: Randi
Application Instructions uhs.hua.hrsmart.com/hr/ats/Posting/view/7773
Location: Provo Utah

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