Serve on an URTA Legislative Sub-Committee!

Are you interested in becoming more actively involved in URTA and the future of the recreational therapy profession? The URTA Legislative Committee is looking for additional members to help advance the profession. Student members are welcome and encouraged to join! It is important, you would be able to attend some Executive Committee meetings monthly and Legislative Committee meetings quarterly, or more often when needed.

The Legislative Committee has 5 sub-committees. Please select all that you would be interested in being a part of. Be prepared to share your name, email and phone number. You will be contacted by a committee member regarding your interest.
1. Reporting — this sub-committee will train members as a reviewer of complaints regarding facilities and individuals who may be in violation of the RT Practice Act.
2. Training — this sub-committee will develop trainings on the RT Practice Act to be presented at state and local conferences and provide CEU opportunities each year. This sub-committee will also develop trainings for other professions and interested parties on the profession and the practice act.
3. Practice Act Maintenance — this sub-committee will help maintain the RT Practice Act. The sub-committee is responsible for monitoring and introducing additions or changes to the law or Rules.
4. Legislative PR — this sub-committee will be in charge of our annual Day on the Hill event and develop educational information on recreational therapy for our state legislators and other stake holders.
5. Legislative Advancement — this sub-committee will monitor other state and national legislation that may influence recreational therapy. When appropriate will ensure RT has a seat at the table as a stakeholder in the discussion.
Form not displaying correctly? Please fill it out at this link.

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