Full Time CTRS – Steps Recovery Center St. George

Job Duties include, yet are not limited to the following:

• Facilitate and plan activities, rope course, leisure education, core and balance groups, initiatives, and any other therapeutic recreation groups as needed

• Create a monthly budget and calendar

• Complete admit and discharge assessments for each client

• Complete outcomes for each client

• Assist each client with creating a structure of balance in healthy leisure activities before discharge

• Attend clinical team and team meetings and trainings

• Complete varies documentation on each group and individual clients

• Rope course Inspections and maintenance

• Complete RT checklist before each activity

• Complete safety log after recreation therapy activities

• Prep meds, vans and first aid for appropriate groups

• Evaluate activities after completion

• Provide modification in activities as needed for clients

• Supervise and instruct other staff as needed when on Recreation Therapy

• Continue to create recreation activities and build community resources and contacts

Company / Organization Name: Steps Recovery Center/ St. George Location
Type: Full Time
Position Title: CTRS
Minimum Requirements Utah State Licensure as a Therapeutic Recreation Specialist (TRS) and National Certification as a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist (CTRS)
Application Deadline July 1, 2017 (possibly extended)
Contact Name: Pam Egelund
Application Instructions Contact Pam Egelund at pame(at)stepsrc(dot)com
Location: St. George, UT

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