Full Time Recreation Therapist – Sunrise RTC


Sunrise offers healing program for teenage girls that includes a balanced approach between therapy, academics, and life skills in a homelike setting. The cornerstones of the program are centered on the values of nurturance, discipline, respect. Sunrise offers one of the best residential treatment centers that offers weekly individual/family therapy sessions, weekly equine therapy, and daily group therapy, and targeted psychotherapy groups. Students at Sunrise are very involved in their academic studies, community service and recreational activities.


Opportunity to foster relationships with at risk youth in a setting that offers a small caseload. Established industry leading program and training in place and the ability to make a long term impact on individual students and their families. Opportunities for growth and advancement at Sunrise or within a family of treatment programs located in Utah, Montana, North Carolina, and Texas. Competitive Pay


Provide 4-6 weekly RT sessions and 2 general groups as needed. Dictate progress notes in a timely and professional manner. Attend and participate in treatment team weekly. Aid in crisis intervention outside of regularly scheduled RT sessions as assigned by the ACD. Complete the RT section of each master treatment plan for each student. Provide all Sunrise families with RT sessions during parent weekend (both campuses). Plan therapeutic assignments for all Sunrise families during family weekend. Plan and lead sunrise ceremonies. Plan and assist with transition ceremonies as assigned by the ACD. Plan and implement long Saturdays (1 a month on parent weekend months and 2 a month on non-parent weekends months) Service projects as assigned by the ACD. Assist with shift bonding as needed. Provides equipment for solo. Plan for the yearly River Trip, including equipment set up and take down, RT sessions, nightly activities, and other duties as assigned by the ACD. Provide leisure education for students Coordinate activities and events with staff and managers. Maintain a current employee file. Other duties as assigned.


St. George, Utah In 2005, St. George was the second fastest growing metropolitan area in the United States and as of 2014, St. George had a population of 78,505. The city is situated near a unique geological transition zone where the Mojave, Colorado Plateau and Great Basin all converge. The Beaver Dam Mountains/Utah Hill lie to the west, Pine Valley Mountains to the north, the western edge of the Colorado Plateau and Zion National Park to the east, and the Arizona Strip/Virgin River Gorge to the south. The Red Cliffs Desert Reserve lies atop a sandstone bluff overlooking the the downtown area. Snow Canyon State Park borders the northwest part of the city. The city has abundant sunshine year round, and averages over 300 sunny days per year. St. George is home to Dixie State University, a four year institution, of about 9,000.

Company / Organization Name: Sunrise Residential Treatment Center
Type: Full Time
Position Title: Recreation Therapist
Minimum Requirements Attend training (CPR, First Aid, NCI, etc.)

The position requires state licensure and national certification.

The position requires a Bachelor’s degree in Recreation Therapy.

Experience beyond an internship is preferred but not required.

Application Deadline Open until filled
Contact Name: Vanessa Leach, HR Manager
Application Instructions If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity, please submit a resume to innerchange.com/careers OR Email Vanessa Leach at hr(at)sunrisertc(dot)com
Location: Saint George, Utah area

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