URTA Slack

Hello Members,

After you registered for conference, you should have received an invite to create a Slack account at utahrectherapy.slack.com. Slack is a private collaboration website and app we are piloting as a replacement for URTA Networking on Facebook and LinkedIn. The reason we are implementing Slack is to provide a private, secure space for our members to directly contact each other and to start group discussions around recreation therapy without forcing members to have Facebook or LinkedIn accounts. The directory feature of this app will hopefully provide a secure, easy to use URTA Member Directory. You are required to set up a Slack account, but again, it is more private and won’t be seen by anyone who isn’t a member of URTA. URTA Box will be also be easily accessible through Slack.

Because there can only be a certain number of open invites, when you receive yours, please set up your account so we can continue to onboard new members.

Slack is how we are communicating with presenters and volunteers, so please sign into Slack if you are in this category!

Access to URTA Slack will be easy. You will be able to click on it directly from the URTA homepage and/or download the Slack app. If you choose to remain logged in on the Slack website, accessing it from the URTA homepage will be as easy as one click, yet secure enough so that nonmembers will not be able to log in.


As you set up your profile, please choose a simple, identifiable user name (IE: @firstnamelastname), and enter your “What I do” as your title at your organization (IE: TRS, CTRS at The Best Treatment Center). You may also upload a profile picture and/or your preferred phone number.


Use the different channels to engage in conversations around certain topics. You can also manage your notifications. You can also direct message individuals or mention them in your post using @username.



We hope you enjoy this new way to network with your peers in the recreation therapy field. URTA Networking on Facebook will continue to exist as we make the transition. As you fill out your conference evaluation, you will be able to give feedback and vote for your favorite URTA Networking platform – Facebook, Slack, or LinkedIn. Thank you in advance for piloting Slack with us.

For more resources on how to use Slack visit their website.

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