Recreation Therapy Intern – Wasatch Crest Recovery

Recreation Therapy Intern will be working with adults in inpatient drug and alcohol rehab in Heber, Utah. Treatment focus is on yoga and meditation, experiential groups, community integration, outdoor exploration and service. Opportunities for running creative expression groups (art, music, et.c) and life skills groups are available as well. Hours vary but are typically Tuesday-Saturday 9am-5:30pm. Learn more about the program at

Company / Organization Name: Wasatch Crest Recovery
Type: Internship
Position Title: Recreation Therapy Intern
Minimum Requirements Intern must be self-motivated and prepared to engage with adults in early recovery. Interns will be expected to learn clear boundary-setting while cultivating healthy, therapeutic relationships with clients.

This internship is available as the final chapter in a student’s education – 100-hour internships are not available.

Students applying must have experience working or volunteering with clients in treatment centers – preferably in substance abuse or mental health.

Experience in the following areas is also preferable: outdoors (i.e. hiking, rock-climbing, camping), yoga, meditation, and creative arts.

Bring your talents! This internship will be fast-paced and will require students to be able to think on their feet, be creative, and invest their time in facilitating groups that are catered to our clients needs.

Application Deadline Deadline is open – accepting interns for all semesters
Contact Name: Jackie Daniels-Brown
Application Instructions Email your cover letter and resumé to Jackie at jackie(at)wcrestrecovery(dot)com **NOTE: Wasatch Crest Recovery was formerly known as The Pines Recovery. The program and location are the same, just a new name 🙂 For those of you I met at the internship fair – the email address I gave out (jackiedb53(at)gmail(dot)com) works, but my WCR email is preferable.
Location: 425 Moulton Lane, Heber, UT 84032

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