Recertification, Specialty Certification and Internship Fair Cap

Dear URTA Members and Friends,

Wow! There has been so much response to this special URTA-sponsored opportunity to meet with NCTRC and network with others during the internship fair, so much response that we are about to hit the maximum capacity for the venue. Outside of conference we have rarely had such enthusiasm for an event and for our internship fair. As of this post, there are only 20 spots left. Once tickets are gone, they are gone and there will be no at-the-door registration! So if you’ve been on the fence, act now!

If you’re already registered, great! As always, it is not required to have your ticket present, but doing so will make checking in go faster. When you arrive, please park in the east parking lot (closest to the foothills), enter the building and proceed to the west side of the first floor where the auditorium is located. There will be signs directing you where to go.

Schedule of Events

9am: Check-in and Booth set-up

10-11:30am: Professional Session on Re-certification and Speciality Certification, presented by NCTRC.

11:30-12pm: Lunch provided by UNI

12-1pm: Networking

1-1:45pm: Student Session, a guided discussion with NCTRC.

2:00pm: Wrap-up

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