Internships – Heritage School Academy Programs

Recreation therapy at Heritage School consists of two specialized programs. Heritage Elevate Academy is for teenagers with trauma commonly manifesting as attention deficit/hyperactivity, mood disorders, oppositional defiance and substance issues. Recreation therapists in this program strive to help students increase resiliency, self-efficacy, and mood management. Heritage Peers Academy specializes in treating teenagers with social and learning disabilities many of whom are diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (high functioning autism formerly known as Asperger’s Syndrome), Nonverbal Learning Disorder, or Anxiety Disorder. Recreation therapists in this program strive to help students increase resiliency, self-awareness, social self-efficacy, and increased emotional management. Both programs use a variety of interventions including high adventure (mt. biking, rock climbing, rappelling, canyoneering, rafting, skiing/snowboarding, etc.), low ropes course, team building tasks, art, play therapy, social skills building, and leisure awareness. Each recreation therapist is assigned 2-3 homes and runs individual, small group, and large group tasks. Our interns will specialize in either the Elevate program or Peers program and will work closely with the other program that they don’t specialize in. Interns will start with observing and shadowing their supervisor(s) and slowly work towards taking on all responsibilities of a full time recreation therapist while being supervised. Our goal for interns is to provided them with the experience and knowledge for passing the NCTRC exam and the confidence to obtain employment as a recreation therapist. We are seeking interns with the passion and desire to build relationships and create lasting change in students through creativity and innovative programming.

Company / Organization Name: Heritage School
Type: Internship
Position Title: Recreation Therapy Intern
Minimum Requirements 21 years of age

Core Recreation Therapy classes completed

Application Deadline Summer: March 15th, Fall: June 15th, Winter: Oct 15th, Spring: Dec 15th
Contact Name: Elicia Schwendiman
Application Email / Phone / URL: elicia(dot)schwendiman(at)heritagertc(dot)org
Location: Provo, Utah

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