Full Time Recreational Therapist – Salt Lake Behavioral Health

Salt Lake Behavioral Health, is a private, freestanding, 118-bed, acute psychiatric hospital; specializing in mental health and chemical dependency. We provide a wide range of services and programs that offer evidence-based treatment proven to have positive outcomes for our patients. Our inpatient and day hospital, or outpatient, services offer supportive and compassionate care adults through specialty programs that are tailored to meet the needs of our patients. Salt Lake Behavioral Health currently has a Recreational Therapist position available. The candidate selected will be responsible for the following: Planning and implementing activity services for assigned program, which involves defining and implementing treatment goals as a member of the interdisciplinary treatment team and providing continuous patient care, observation, interaction, and role modeling to patients.

Company / Organization Name: Salt Lake Behavioral Health
Type: Full Time
Position Title: Recreational Therapist
Minimum Requirements Education: Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university in Recreation Therapy.

Licensure: Certification or licensure by state and/or national governing body in therapeutic recreation.

Application Deadline 05/31/2016
Contact Name: Robyn Holsten
Application Email / Phone / URL: robyn(dot)holsten(at)uhsinc(dot)comsaltlakebehavioralhealth.com/careers
Location: 3802 South 700 East, SLC, UT 84106

2 thoughts on “Full Time Recreational Therapist – Salt Lake Behavioral Health

  1. I would just ask that folks please read job posting for their agency and other agencies. The posting from Sal Lake Behavior Health is posted in directed conflict to the Recreational Therapy Practice Act.

    Job Title: Recreational Therapist
    Minimum Requirements: Education: Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college or university in Occupational, Art, Music, or Recreation therapy, humanities, social work or related therapeutic discipline, or a Masters degree in Art Therapy, preferred.
    Licensure: Certification or licensure by state and/or national governing body in of the following areas: art, occupational, recreation, or music therapy.

    If the job title is Recreational Therapist the person must be licensed in the state of UTAH as a TRS or MTRS according to educational requirements stated in posting. I would hope that a CTRS would also be preferred or required. A person can not be a OT, AT,or MT and hold the title of a Recreational Therapist. I have contacted and left a message for the HR Department at SL Behavior Health. but wanted to comment so all recreational therapists check any job posting to ensure they are posted according to the state law.


    1. Thanks for catching this Sandy, I was able to contact a recreation therapist there and they assured me they have only licensed and certified recreation therapists working in these positions and intend to keep it that way. It sounds like the job description needs to be updated within the HR department.


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