PRN Recreation Therapist – Mountain View Hospital

Mountain View Hospital Behavioral Unit in Payson is looking for one PRN Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist to start now or as early as May (to accommodate for graduating students), but will receive a guaranteed 2 days-per-week shift in June. The shift allows for as many as 20 hours per week. It is an acute unit and generally has 8-12 patients with mostly addiction detox, depression, anxiety, suicide attempts/ideation, etc. The recreation therapist will run 2-3 groups per day, document, assess patients, etc. Starting pay is awesome, benefits are great, and the people here are amazing! Send your resume to the listed email address if interested.

Company / Organization Name: Mountain View Hospital
Type: Part Time
Position Title: PRN Recreation Therapist
Minimum Requirements Licensed (TRS) and certified (CTRS) to practice Recreation Therapy in the state of Utah (or preparing to take exam).
Application Deadline April 22, 2016
Contact Name: Steve Yamada
Application Email / Phone / URL: steve(dot)yamada(at)mountainstarhealth(dot)com
Location: Payson Utah

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