Janelle Olson – 3rd Year Board of Director

Janelle is currently the Senior Board of Director. As a member of the BOD Janelle helps oversee and manage all activities and affairs of URTA. Some of her responsibilities as the 3rd year BOD include planning and conducting quarterly BOD meetings, attending Executive Committee Meetings, and ensuring that the BOD is meeting all the responsibilities and goals outlined in the Job Description. When asked what interesting fact she would want people to know about her, she responded, “My three most favorite things are to be with my family/friends, to be outdoors, and to travel. When I get to do all three of those things at the same time I’m one happy girl! This year our travel plans include Ecuador, Peru, Hawaii, and Scandinavia.”

Current URTA Assignment 3rd Year Board of Director
Years of URTA Service 7 years
Education/Certifications TRS, CTRS
Current Employment “Currently I’m taking time away from the work-field to be home with my three kiddos. I enjoy staying current with the profession and keeping my skills sharp by being involved with URTA, volunteer opportunities in my community, and implementing RT principles in my everyday life!”

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