Jamie Bennett – President Elect

Jamie is currently serving as President Elect. The main responsibility of this position is to take the time to learn the ropes and prepare for the future as president. The president elect attends all meetings, supports the president, the BOD, additional committees, and the membership in fulfilling the intended goals for the present year. It is within this year, that the president elect will counsel with the executive committee to discuss and fulfill opportunities for future committees, goals, and responsibilities.Β Jamie has a hammock and a slack line with her 93.2% of the time, always looking for an opportunity to bust it out and enjoy the outside!

Current URTA Assignment President Elect
Years of URTA Service 3
Education/Certifications MS, TRS, CTRS
Current Employment and/or Populations Served Jamie is just completing her first semester of teaching at the University of Utah. She also works at CareSource, a facility that provides inpatient hospice services. When she isn’t busy with these responsibilities, she works as a PRN and on the Ropes Course at UNI.

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