Part Time Recreational Therapist – Intermountain Healthcare

A competent Recreational Therapist (R.T.) is a licensed professional caregiver who establishes and implements therapeutic treatment programs for their patients. The R.T. individualizes treatment plans which facilitate the development, maintenance, and expression of an appropriate leisure lifestyle for patients who have had major physical, emotional or chemical dependency issues. The R.T. maintains safe, consistent, and supportive environment by providing care in accordance with the multi-disciplinary treatment team, treatment plan and programs to meet patient care needs. Coordinates the performance of subjective and objective initial and ongoing evaluations of patient’s according to diagnosis, past history and physician referral. Assures the definition of realistic goals for rehabilitation following assessment of specific problems. Communicates treatment recommendations based on recreation assessment to the treatment team and identifies treatment intervention strategies to facilitate treatment planning. Facilitates the assessment and re-assessment of the patient’s physical and/or emotional problems and needs for recreational therapy as determined by history and results of evaluation procedures. Recreational Therapists at Intermountain Healthcare are an esteemed member of a multi-disciplinary treatment team whose goal is to provide Extraordinary Care.

Company / Organization Name: Intermountain Healthcare
Type: Part Time
Position Title: Recreation Therapist
Minimum Requirements Bachelors Degree in Recreational Therapy. Intermountain verifies both degree attainment and educational institution accreditation following an offer of employment.

Current Therapeutic Recreational Specialist (TRS) or Recreational Therapy licensure in the State of Utah

Application Deadline 3/31/16
Contact Name: Amanda Brown
Application Email / Phone / URL:
Location: Ogden, Utah

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