Full Time Therapeutic Recreation Technician – Utah State Hospital

TRT staff will work with an assigned TRS on a specific Unit of the hospital. Currently there are three positions on Adult Units. RT staff will provide prescribed treatment as determined from the treatment team (including RT) assessments. Hours are generally Monday- Friday. Programs operate on Unit and off campus for community re-integration. The hospital follows the APIE process. Treatment “Notes” are kept by RT staff on a structured time and format established by the hospital and accreditation standards. TRT enjoy a range of opportunities for programming interventions effective for the patient. Be part of a great RT Discipline at the hospital.

Company / Organization Name: Utah State Hospital
Type: Full Time
Position Title: Therapeutic Recreation Technician, TRT
Minimum Requirements Possess at least a Utah license.

Be healthy physically, mentally and emotionally.

Be able to work full time.

Have good communication skills and enjoy a team approach to patient treatment.

We’re looking for enthusiastic, fun, positive staff with professional skills and attitude.

Application Deadline January 27th, 2016
Contact Name: Gary Ethington
Application Email / Phone / URL: gethington(at)utah(dot)gov
Location: Utah State Hospital, Provo, Utah

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