Vote for Possible Additional Workshop at Conference 2016

Hey URTA Members and Friends! Sorry for the message overload this week, but we have a lot of news to talk about!

There is the possibility of an additional workshop being added to URTA Conference 2016. However we need your input to determine the possibility of providing such a workshop on the Wednesday before conference or the Saturday following conference. Either Copperview Recreation Center or the Utah State Hospital will be the venue. The workshop will cost approximately $35-$40 and will provide about 4.5 hours of contact time/.45 CEUs. Attendance is limited to 20-25 participants to provide more hands-on instruction. Please vote if you are interested in attending. A detailed description is provided below the poll link.

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The following outline details a course designed to provide Continuing Education Units to current URTA members. Jeremiah Cox will be instructing the course in both lecture and workshop format on March 5h, 2016 and is proposed to take 4.5 hours. The topic of the CEU workshop will be The Value of Quality Communication.

The outline of proposed events are as follows:
• An exploration of the theoretical relevance of personal efficacy in communication to a client’s quality of life
• Attendee involvement and hands-on training in a large variety of experiential interventions aimed at facilitating development in said efficacy
• Discourse on how to process, when to implement, and possible adaptations for each intervention

The workshop will begin with an exploratory synopsis of the various models and theories professionals might be operating under in any given setting (CBT, DBT, Resiliency Theory, Self-efficacy Theory, etc) and how an underlying demand for quality communication skills can be found in each model. This lecture portion will also explore the correlation between quality of life and the quality of one’s relationships, and the relevance of effective communication to those relationships. Elements of effective communication (empathy, details, illustration/demonstration, specifics, patience, assertive, reflective listening, etc) will be listed, defined, and considered.

There will then be experiential instruction on how to plan, implement, and adapt approximately 15-20 experiential interventions, which specifically focus on how to facilitate the development of basic and advanced communication skills for a variety of populations, diagnoses, and settings.

Attendee involvement features active participation in experiential interventions which provides first-hand experience of the intervention from a client’s perspective but these activities will be regularly paused to discuss how the particular nuances of the way the challenge was constructed to ‘force’ participants to practice and develop effective communication skills. These intermittent real-time lessons require attendees to identify the elements of quality communication inherent in the intervention’s design, potential adaptations to meet assessed goals and objectives, required skill levels of participants, processing opportunities and techniques, and possible programmatic limitations.

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