Internship – Utah Department of Corrections Forensic Unit

Internship with the Utah Dept. of Corrections Forensic Unit at Draper Prison. We are offering a special opportunity for those interested in learning more about working with clients that suffer from mental illness compounded by personality disorders. We work with male and female clients that range in all ages and acuity and behavior. Our Internship program offers the ability to not only to work with a tough population but daily we are working to improve our program by enhancing our level of quality evidence based groups we offer, Due to the length of long term vs short term clientele we serve, our program is both community and clinical centered. We are looking for students who have some experience working with mental illness or behavioral issues.

Company / Organization Name: Utah Department of Corrections Forensic Unit
Type: Internship
Position Title: Recreation Therapy Intern
Minimum Requirements Excellent boundaries.
Read the Anatomy of Peace.
Sound understanding of recreation therapy theory.
Self motivated work.
Application Deadline December 11th for spring internship
Contact Name: Christine Gonzalez
Application Email / Phone / URL: cegonzales(@)utah(dot)govΒ / (801) 576-7970
Location: Draper, Utah

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