2015-2016 Board and Executive Committee

Executive Director: Michele Beal

3rd Year Board of Director: Lindsey Forbes

2nd Year Board of Director: Janelle Olson

1st Year Board of Director: Kristina Georgelas

President: Laura Bennion

President Elect: Ashley Bowen

Past President: John Webb

Secretary: Mauria Tanner

Webmaster: Joe Walker

Web/Social Media Committee: Alan Gillman, Emilie Adams, Kaylee Farnsworth

Conference Chair: Kami Houck

Conference Committee: Tava Shollenberger, Courtney Barnum, Coriann Thompson, Kari Durrant

Education Chair: Emily Soulier

Education Committee: Mckenzie Gummersall

Experiential Chair: Chelsey Cook

Experiential Committee: Elicia Schwendiman, Dennis Springstead, Natalie Sagers

Legislative Chair: Karie Swenson

Legislative Committee: Sandy Negley, Amy Stoeger, Ashley Bowen

BYU Faculty Representative: Ashley Bowen

University of Utah Faculty Representative: Sandy Negley

BYU-ID Faculty Representative: Janell Greenwood

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